The best actors never stop learning. But with all the classes out there, how do you pick the best one?

Fun, practical and challenging commercial voice-acting classes that help you analyze copy, develop character, timing, delivery and much more.
BACK STAGE interviews Marc Cashman
Part I
BACK STAGE interviews Marc Cashman
Part II

Marc Cashman, one of the top award-winning Radio & TV voice directors in the U.S., instructs Voice-Acting classes for beginning, intermediate and advanced actors and V-O workshops for working pros.

These challenging voice-acting classes are conducted in our full-service digital studios, along with sound engineer, SFX and a music library, where Radio and TV commercials are produced daily.

Turn your talent into real money. Discover how to get the competitive edge on auditions. Discern exactly what the producer/client wants. Find your signature voice. Discover how to win the audition, work the job and wow the client. Learn the ins and outs, the tricks of the trade, the how-tos and how not-tos. There's limited seating so call 661/222-9300. 5 Weeks-$500/on-going classes.

Cashman Commercials is one of the top voice-over commercial production companies in the U.S. We work with casting directors, ad agencies and clients direct, creating local, regional, national and international Radio commercials and voice tracks for TV. In business since 1987, we've cast and produced thousands of commercials and are constantly directing L.A. talent.

MARC CASHMAN is one of the few voice-acting instructors in the U.S. who is on "both sides of the glass" as a Clio-winning Radio and TV commercial copywriter, producer and casting director, and as a working voice actor. Creative Director of Cashman Commercials, he creates, casts and produces copy and music advertising for radio and television clients such as Kroger, Charles Schwab, Quizno's, Pella Windows and Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer among many, many others.

Voted one of "The Best Voices of the Year" by AudioFile Magazine, he has been heard locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, voicing hundreds of Radio, TV, film, documentaries, radio plays, video games and audio books. Marc is currently represented by Idiom Talent in Los Angeles, California, plus many other local talent agencies around the country. He brings a high level of professionalism, humor, energy and creativity to every voice acting session.

Over the past twenty-five years, Marc has won over 150 local, regional, national and international advertising awards, which include the ADDY, TELLY, IBA, SUNNY (So. California Broadcasters), INTERNATIONAL RADIO FESTIVAL OF NY, SILVER MICROPHONE, LOS ANGELES BELDING, LONDON INT'L ADVERTISING, and the prestigious CLIO, on behalf of hundreds of ad agencies and clients across the country.

In addition to his production schedule, he instructs voice-acting of all levels through his V-O classes, "The Cashman Cache of Voice-Acting Techniques" in Los Angeles, CA; as head of the Voiceover Program at California Institute of the Arts; and through his tele-coaching programs. In addition to doing pro bono work for numerous charitable and public service organizations, he also has a monthly online column, "Ask the VoiceCat," plus blogs and podcasts through, and

Marc is a keynote speaker at Advertising Clubs and Broadcasters Associations throughout the U.S. and other countries, as well as national and international voiceover conventions. Listed in Who's Who in California, he's been interviewed in many trade magazines and newspapers and on numerous radio and television programs.

There are many reasons to choose The Cashman Cache of Voice-Acting Techniques© for your next voice-over class.

  • We’re an award-winning production company that casts and produces Radio and TV spots with agencies across the country.
  • Classes are conducted in our digital commercial voice and music studio, conveniently located in Burbank, North Hollywood or Studio City, CA.
  • Everything is recorded on flash drives, including feedback and directions between takes. Homework and exercises are assigned every week, report cards are sent out at the end of every class, and there are more hand-outs distributed in six weeks than most classes give out in a year!
  • The famous Cashman Cache V-O Report Card is sent to you after every V-O course, where you're graded on a 1-10 scale in eight different categories. It's like an X-ray of your abilities. It tells you where your strengths and weaknesses lie and makes recommendations should you want to pursue voice acting.
  • Our Advanced courses also address the business of voice-over, not just technique. You'll learn the secrets of constructing a killer V-O demo, packaging, self-promotion, finding work, landing an agent, and much, much more.
  • The instructor, Marc Cashman, is a veteran writer, casting director, producer and voice talent who knows what it takes to get work in the voice-over business.
  • These voice-acting classes teach challenging, fun techniques, yet rigorous and practical, to prepare you for the real world of voice-over.

Each course consists of five 3-hour weekly intensive sessions at state-of-the-art studios in Burbank, North Hollywood or Studio City, CA. Enrollment is $500 for each 5-week course. There's a $200 non-refundable deposit required to hold your place in class, with $150 due at the end of the first class and the balance due by the end of the fourth class. You will also need to purchase a stopwatch, either digital or analog. Cash, check, or money orders accepted. Make checks payable to Cashman Commercials and send to: 26136 Twain Place, Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381. Any questions, call: 661/222-9300 or email Class size is limited to eight students to insure individualized attention and maximum mic time. All materials provided.


An introduction to voice-acting for non-actors and actors. Learn:

- Breath control
- Attitude and articulation
- Microphone techniques
- How to read and mark copy
- How to take direction
- How to interpret copy
- How to find your character
- What to expect in the voice-over business


Building on the fundamentals of Level I,
this refines the basics.

- Voice and body exercises
- Timing/pacing/inflection
- How to read monologues
- How to read dialogues
- How to analyze your own voice
- How to audition
- How to find transitions
- How to maintain your voice
- How to be an announcer
- How to "own" your copy
- How to change direction
- How to do pickups


For people who have taken other voice-acting classes or have a strong acting background. Learn:

- How to find your "signature" voice
- How to act believable
- How to change direction
- How to perform comedic copy
- The difference between union and non-union work
- How to be competitive in an audition
- How to construct your voice-over demo


Hones your voice-acting techniques and prepares you for a voice-over career. Learn:

- Advanced monologue and dialogue techniques
- How to handle yourself in a session & what to expect
- The roles of producers, casting directors, ad agencies,
  agents, and how to work with them
- Adlibbing/re-writing copy
- How to fine-tune your V-O demo
- How to package and market yourself
- How to find an agent
- How to find voice-over work
- The secrets of successful voice-actors


For working actors with a current demo who want to take their career to the next level. Learn:

- How to expand your "signature" voice
- How to work with music and SFX tracks
- The latest copy trends
- What producers and casting directors want
- How to stay "top-of-mind"
- How to de-stress and focus
- How to deal with conflicting direction
- To stretch with different acting styles
- Whether to update your demo
- Alternative marketing approaches


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"Thanks for a really helpful class. Yours was the first one that I had ever taken (though I’ve been a radio personality for years), and from the sound of the students who had taken many other classes, I obviously hit quite a jackpot with you! I look forward to more." —Harry Legg

"I want you to know that I learned SOOOO much from your class! I had my first commercial audition the other day, and was so glad that I was prepared because of the tools I learned from you. In fact, only six people got callbacks, and I was one of them!! Not bad for my first one!! Thank you so very much, Marc!!!" —Aliki Theofilopoulos

"This class is a must-have for any serious student of voice-over! Marc Cashman is a great teacher and the classes are fun and informative. You’ll learn things here that other classes don’t teach!" —Rich Bullock

"Your class filled in some of the ‘holes’ from other classes, and there are so many reasons it stands out: why warming up your voice is so necessary; your hand-outs on auditions and getting an agent—something no other class has ever discussed—they just say ‘good luck’ in regards to that, on the last night; your discussions about marketing and seeing examples of what works and what falls short; getting all of your director’s comments on CD instead of cassette; and you’re the only teacher who goes through the time, hassle and effort to let each student experience a phone-patch session—something we’ve only heard mentioned in other classes but never experienced first-hand. You are a natural teacher, and given your musical background I think you made us all aware of looking/listening for the musicality of the copy which helps bring it to life." —Deborah Marlowe

"In this class, you are in for NO MERCY—but lots of fun! Thanks for teaching such a great class. I am learning a TON!!" —Sandy Mooney

"Your class was difficult at times, challenging, always engaging, informative and fun—exactly what I needed in order to get a realistic understanding of where I am on the "professional" scale." —Lynn McLaughlin

"I truly enjoyed your class and look forward to working with you again. The…thing I appreciate about your class (is that) I have stuff to take with me and continue to work on. The experience I gained was refreshing and great. (Your class) is packed with useful knowledge of not only how to condition for your best performance, but also how to create and maintain strong business practices. (You) lead the classes well, are respectful, personable and even funny. You covered a great many issues I was looking to deal with. I met some great people and I believe your advice and insight to be solid. I had a great time as did, it seemed, everyone in the class!" —Logan Williams,

"Can't recommend Marc's class enough. Classes with working voice talent are valuable, but these classes with an actual commercial producer are a notch above. His zeal in imparting to you what you need to know to better your chops is only equaled by his zeal in clueing you in to the attitudes and expectations you'll encounter in the real world, and how to deal with them to your advantage. Eliminate the middleman, and find out how to do commercials from the source." —Scott Peterson

"Your class was focused, direct and extremely helpful. As a news professional moving into commercial voiceover, I found many new ways through your class to tap the thousands of hours I’ve spent behind the microphone, and channel that experience in an exciting new direction. Your class also offered variety, realistic recreations of real-life audition situations, and plenty of warmth, wisdom and humor. It was also a whale of a lot of fun!"—Susanne Whatley

"This class was an excellent opportunity to stretch to the limits of my abilities, to find out where they are and go beyond them. (As a former Radio personality) I discovered things about my performance that I had forgotten were there or didn’t know were there. Marc helps you find confidence in your abilities." —Randy Morrison

“Marc Cashman is one of the inspired and inspiring V-O teachers in LA. He has a sharp ear, energy to burn, and a real knowledge of the he's a great teacher with a great sense of humor. Marc brings a positive energy to his classes along with the chops needed to impart his well-earned knowledge. Respect for his students, his joy of teaching, and his continued work as a producer help make Marc's classes well worth the time and money. I recommend his classes without reservation.” ---Robin Thomas

"I've taken a lot of acting, commercial, and V-O classes over the years, and I'm sure I've never been to one that packed as much practical information and helpful advice. I experienced real growth and increased confidence with your help. I have already recommended your workshops to several colleagues, confident that they'll more than get their money's worth. I certainly did!" —Amy Snively

"With L.A. being the V-O capital of the country, if not the world, there are SO many people in this town conducting classes in voice-over. Very definitely, some of those should not be. Then there's Marc Cashman. I enjoyed every moment of every class. I so looked forward to spending those informative, enriching, entertaining, and sometimes brutally challenging evenings under your direction. There are so many wonderful things to say about taking classes from you, Marc. Your patience, positive attitude, and vast knowledge mean so much to an actor, but the one that stands out most to me is that you have a passion that is infectious. You truly love what you are doing - and you do it so very well. I look forward to another class with you soon, my friend." --J.V. Martin

“I’ve taken V-O classes before, but I've never experienced the knowledge, professionalism and commitment that Marc Cashman imbues in his class structure and content. If you’re looking to expand your abilities and techniques, I highly recommend Marc's program to you. He doesn't toss softballs, which means that you’d better be on your toes. Besides the training in technique and skill sets, it’s refreshing to have a teacher with Marc's years of experience and knowledge of our business. He gives no-nonsense answers to your questions about the business and evaluates your skill level honestly and frankly. If V-O is your profession or if you’re interested in becoming involved in the "wacky world of voice acting", you would be doing yourself a disservice by not considering the classes offered by Marc Cashman. —Kevin Burke

"Thank you for a powerful, fun-filled class. I have known many people in the entertainment industry over the last 30 years and you stand out from amongst them because of your integrity and professionalism. Your years of experience coupled with enormous (I don't use this word loosely) talent enable you to zero in on each one of your student's abilities and potential with laser-like accuracy. That impressed me very much and it also made me feel very confident in your hands. I trusted and respected you from the get-go. I learned so much so quickly and had such a good time in the process. You have a wonderful personality and gave us all so many great laughs. And I have to say how moved I was when you said that you would continue to make yourself available to us in any way at anytime and you honestly meant that. I have never heard that from any other teacher that I have encountered." --Jordan Bonner

"I just wanted to tell you how amazing and helpful your class has been for me. Not only has it given me a better command over my voice, but it completely changed the way I approach auditioning! Understanding how to mark copy and how to speak to ONE person has dramatically improved my confidence in the audition process. I look forward to working with you again!" --Jamie Hall

"Your class was nothing short of a First Class Act! I felt I received valuable instruction at a very reasonable cost! The classes were informative, educational and got right down to business. If anyone is looking for an appropriate program to enroll in for Voice Acting, they shouldn't give your classes a second thought! I thoroughly enjoyed attended your classes and looked forward each week to learning something new and exciting! You always kept me very tuned in each week as you presented material in a very humorous but educating way!" --David Dean

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